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Speak2Go Teaches Spoken English

A game-changer for the ESL market that enables teachers to create speech practice lessons,

that students practice on a mobile app, in their own time, at their own pace.



Speak2Go responds like a personal teacher

Speak2Go feedback is adaptive and accurate like a tutor, so students learn to speak English with confidence

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Speech practice lessons based on curriculum

The teacher has control over Speak2Go content, lesson structure and phonological focus.

Everything a student practices works in parallel to the school curriculum

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The one-on-one English speech coach!

Why Speak2Go ?

Game changer

Game Changer

Speak2Go overcomes the high teacher to student ratio in classes and enables English speech to be taught within the school framework.

Your Content

Educators can create interactive Speak2Go lessons using class materials, reinforcing language absorption and raising overall English standards.

Mobile App

Speak2Go has a clear user interface that is interactive, fun and encourages practice – anywhere, anytime – outside the classroom!


Each student learns according to his or her needs. So, Speak2Go benefits every student, regardless of background or level.

Private Tutor

Speak2Go behaves like a one-on-one personal speech tutor for every student – building language skills and confident speech.

Supports Teachers

Speak2Go monitors performance, progress and grades, so teachers are aware and issues can be corrected.

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See how simple it is to create speech practice lessons that encourage learning and improve English.